Forrest Gump

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Winston Groom - Forrest Gump summary: The story takes place in America in the 60´s. Forrest as a child is not popular among his schoolmates and everybody thinks he is an idiot. Only Jenny Curran understands him. Although he wears a special walk-helping apparatus, he becomes a good footballer. As adult he grows up he has to take part in the Vietnam where another soldier Buba, which he already had known from university, becomes his best friend.They plan to start off the in the shrimp buisness when the war is over. Forrest is courageos,safes the life’s of soliers but unfortunately Buba dies and he can’t make his dream come true .Forrest comes back home and receives a medal for being brave in war from President Kennedy.After a while Forrest becomes a very good ping pong player and during a national tournament in red china he saves the life of a famous chinese politican.Back to America he meets his old friend Jenny again and Forrest joins her band playing the harmonica and they start to live together. Until when they participate in a protest march against the war in Vietnam.In reference to this, Forrest takes part in a Nasa space programm.Having returned from the jungle,because his spaceship crashed, he continued Continue...

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Dealing with the topic of the Vietnam-war the book shows that on the one hand there are the guys from the army and the american political society who are in favour of the war and on the other hand there are thousands of studens and ex-soldiers who are against the war. Forrest understands because nobody wants to have an idiot as father. At the end of the book Forrest meets Jenny again with a little boy who is his son but the boy doesnt know about it. Also dealing with the Vietnam-War:Better than these . Jenny Curran: Jenny is characterised as a woman who actively lives through the sixties and seventies of American history. Forrest's Mum: She really loves her son, although Forrest doesn't really care so much for her and she's worried all her life about Forrest and what could happen to him and I think her life becomes much easier when Forrest started his own company and made a big deal of money. 20) and has therefore been severely wounded. Years after the war they meet again and share period of their lives together. He is a learned man and a philosopher and he therefore often thinks about his fate and his destiny. , Forrest starts a succesful fish business. his life as a wrestiling star and finally met Jenny Curran one more time again. Litterary evaluation: Reading the book I always asked myself: "Commom, when do you finally fulfill your dream and start off in the shrimp buissness It's unbelieveable how many things happend to Forrest and how often he had come into trouble but finally he achieved his goal . Unfortunately they brake up and after a small journey, on which Forrest plays in a chess tournament and gets a part in a hoollywood- production. He was "blowed up inside a tank" (p.


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