Marcus Ulpius Trajanus

             Marcus Ulpius Trajanus was born on the 18th of September at Italica near Seville, around the year 52 A.D. Also referred to as Trajan, he was surprisingly the first emperor not to come from Italy. Coming from an old Umbrian family that lived in northern Italy, he was of a Spanish background.
             His father, who had the exact same name, had a successful political career as well, which most likely influenced Trajan to enter into politics too.
             Trajan served as a military tribune under his father’s governorship and he soon grew up to enjoy a thriving political career, just like his father. Trajan gained office of praetorship in 85 A.D. Shortly after winning the command of the seventh legion ‘Gemina’ in northern Spain, Trajan and his men attempted to help defeat the rebellion against the current emperor, Domitian. Trajan respectfully gained the approval of the emperor for his attempts despite the fact that he arrived too late to be able to do anything.
             Later, Domitian was unfortunately murdered, and a man by the name of Nerva, was elected to become emperor. Nerva’s imperial authority was weak, so Nerva adopted Trajan as his colleague and future successor purely for political reasons in 97 A.D.
             Upon becoming a person of high authority, Trajan gathered all the leaders of an earlier mutiny, and he meanwhile called for the help of his legion by whom he was greatly respected. He tricked the leaders into coming for a reward, but instead, he and his legion immediately executed them when they arrived. By doing so he made a grave statement; no one was to oppose the Roman government.
             Nerva died on the 28th of January 98 A.D, making Trajan the new emperor. In 99 A.D, Trajan entered Rome on foot, greeting all the senators and even walking among the people, which no other emperor did.
             Trajan was one of the ablest emperors in Roman history. He had a numerous amount of good qualities including

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