Beowulf- Various relationships

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Man has always speculated about an entity greater then himself to explain his own existence and in someway to form a relationship with this entity to gain a better understanding of himself. Man views his relationship with god in a variety of ways. What god means to one man and what he means to another can be two distinct things. Since each man has his own view of the almighty ruler, he may nourish his relationship with God and himself accordingly. Throughout the poem of Beowulf it can be observed that the various characters view their relationship with god in many ways. Through the following examples and quotes from the story the various relationships with God will be discovered from the characters, Beowulf, Grendel, and Hrothgar. The relationship that Beowulf feels he shared with God is one of great esteem and worship. Through the following examples and quotes this will be evident. “We have gone through with a glorious endeavor and been much favored in this fight we dared against the unknown.” Beowulf is referring to God when he says that they had been much favored in this fight. Beowulf feels that he is in the good graces of God because his life was spared. Furthermore, another example that shows this can be seen in the fol Continue...

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"First and foremost, let the Almighty Father be thanked for this sight. "But now a man, with the Lord's assistance, has accomplished something none of us could manage before... This statement further portrays the message that Hrothgar feelst God had specially given Beowulf extra powers to rid him of Grendel's evil. "With that the old lord sprang to this feet and praised God for Beowulf's pledge. The following examples and quotes have proven that Beowulf believes that he has a favorable relationship with God because time and time again Beowulf feels God had been looking out for his beat interest. It was hard-fought, a desperate affair that could have gone badly; if God had not helped me the outcome would have been quick and fatal. The contrary can be said about the relationships that Grendel felt he had with God. Moreover, we can see further evidence of this in the following quote. In addition, this shows that Hrothgar has great faith in God, and the quote also shows that he is very thankful for the actions of god. This example shows that Grendel continues to do wrong and will never be accept by God. "Like a man outlawed for wickedness, he must await the mighty judgment of God in majesty. "I barely survived the battle under water. Since Grendel continues to reap havoc on Heorot, the heart of goodness, God could never be made to accept him because he represents righteousness and must not accept Grendel for what he is and therefore not have a positive relationship with him. This statement shows that Grendel and his clan had been outcaste from normal society by God because of their wickedness and that God did not want Grendel to poison the heart of society, weakening the relationship between God and Grendel. We can see through the following examples and quotes, Grendel has been outcaste by God for numerous reasons.


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