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It is difficult to find a High School student that has the qualities of good character, being a good leader, and willing to do service for the community. The reason is because so many students have one of these qualities but not the other two. It is very important to have all of these qualities to be considered to be accepted in the national honor society. I should be considered to be in the National Honor Society because I have all Continue...

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I also have the qualities of a good leader. I am a good leader because I am responsible and the people who choose me to be the leader can always count on me to do what neededs to be accomplished. Along with that, one of my top priorites is getting a good education to become a better citizen. I am a good role model for the younger students from the High School and other schools in Jersey County. I have good character because I have a good personality and am a fun-loving person. I do many service activities for the betterment of my commuity. Some examples are, singing christmas carols around town and at nursing homes, painting my church's youth room, painting the old sinclair's grocery store, visiting the Alton Boy's and Girl's Club, and raising money for the Oais Foundation for Batterd Mothers and their children, plus many more. Along with character and leadership, I also have the qualities of a good service woman. Character is not the only quality I obtain. As you can see I have all the required qualities of a teenage student to be considered to be involved in the National Honor Society.


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