The Problem of Overpopulation in Developing Countries

             There is a developing crisis in the world today and it has already plagued over half the world. This problem is overpopulation, a problem that is not just increasing steadily, but exponentially. A misconception about overpopulation is that it is just too many people in a given area, too high a population density. An area is actually overpopulated when “its population can't be maintained without rapidly depleting nonrenewable resources and without destroying the environment which supports the population.”(Brown,Gardner,Halweil, Beyond Malthus,19) Unlike most of the developed world, where the population is either stabilized or even declining in some cases, most of the population increases have taken place in third world countries and will mostly continue to occur in these countries in the long term. These are the countries where the worst problems and living conditions are being realized.
             The most fundamental issue that currently troubles overpopulated countries and will only worsen is the issue of housing. A United Nations organization Habitat reports at least 600 million urban dwellers and more than 1 billion rural dwellers in Africa, Asia, and Latin America “live in housing so overcrowded and of such poor quality with such inadquate provision for water, sanitation, drainage, and garbage collection that their health and lives are continually at risk.” (Brown,Gardner,Halweil, Beyond Malthus,71) This report is coupled with the certainty that virtually all future population growth is going to take place in developing countries, where housing requirements will double or triple. This is especially prevalent in Africa and the middle east, where the largest percentage of growth will occur. The population is expected to increase 2.5 times in Nigeria and even 3.5 times in Ethiopia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. As the supply of housing is exceeded by demand the quality deteriorates. Cheaper and less durable materials, like scrap me...

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