Sex Appeal in Advertisements

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Casual Argument Sex appeal is seen on magazine ads, televison commercials, and billboards acrosss America. Alcohol companies perdominantly use physical attractiveness in an arousing manner to promote their advertisements. They employ manipulative tactics that persuade the audience to buy their product. Most of the alcoholic ads are based around beautiful women and how a man can obatin one. These companies exploit women in a degrading manner, abusing the privelege of advertisement. The first advertisement, produced by Tanquery Gin, portrays the owner of Playboy magazine, hugh Heffner, and two playmates. This ad provides a classic example of how companies promote their products through sex appeal. They use the beautiful women to grab the audience’s inital attention. Once the reader focuses on the ad, they begin to notice what is being promoted. The alcoholic bottle is strategically placed next to the women so that it will be the second item noticed. Above the bottle are the words, “Distinctive Since 1830,” suggesting that the gin is one of the best because it has been around for a long time. Above Heffner, “Distinctive Since 1953,” suggests that he has achieved a great deal of success over the past few decades. T Continue...

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it does not use bright colors or fancy backgrounds; instead it uses a plain whie-sheeted bed. That is why any company can get away with this kind of promotion, because people like it and it works. Personally, I feel the alcohol companies have pushed the limit of sex appeal to the extreme, making women look helpless and easily attainable if there is alcohol involved. It gives off the impression that both naked photographs of women and the consumption of gin lead to a world full of rewards. The next ad once again utilizes sex appeal to advertise their product. If anything this would turn me away from the whisky, not draw me to it. Her facial expression tells you everythhing. However, the company doesn not promote males to take advantage of females, but rather impress them by showing off the bottle of Bacardi. The glasses contain a few images; the main image is a woman handing a man a slip of paper. thiswould lead someone to believe that women would do just about anything for a bottle of alcohol. it is unlike the rest because it does not use human umages, however it gets the point accross just as strong. Alcohol industries seem to center most of their ads on desirable woman and how easily influenced they are. Anyone can drink an extensive amount of alcohol and lose the ability to make proper decisions, whether it be male or female.


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