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Every day millions of adults, children, teens, and elderly fall into a near comatose state created by hours of watching television. Most people do not realise that all of this television watching is ruining our psychological health as well as our physical health. I am not going to preach on how television watching is a bad thing, just that there are good reasons to cut back. Listen to some statistics. 99% of the homes in Canada have at least one television set, while 66% of homes have three or more sets. There are 2.24 sets in an average household, with 54% of children having television sets in their bedroom, me being one of them. These statistics show that, although we may wish to deny it, the television has crept into everyone's life. Television is a drug and is definitely addictive. Of course, television has its upsides as well. While there are some educational and informative shows out there, most of it is just useless. By the time death comes up, a person could spend around one and a half years of their life just viewing commercials designed mainly to sell images and products. These corporations do not care abou Continue...

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Constant movement is needed for developing depth perception. Developing the senses is an important part of a child's learning process. As for opinions, people can express themselves in different forums, for instance televised public debates and speaker"tms corner. While violence on television has made some people fearful, it has made a few children increasingly aggressive with a tendency to imitate the violence they see. I really did not believe most of the statistics I uncovered. 8000 murders before 5 years of age Thank you for listening to my speech, I hope the message of how although television can be entertaining and informative, there are a lot of detrimental side effects go through. This scared outlook on life is due to the amount of television they watch and the high incident of violence during those viewing sessions. Without exercise, that sense will not develop completely. Since the sense of sight is maturing through age twelve, excessive television watching can seriously impair a child's observational skills. One of the many misconceptions when it comes to television deals with the percentage of violence in real life. Lack of sleep obstructs the immune system's ability to fight unwanted cells, allowing the cells to divide and disperse into the body. t the consumer as a person, but the consumer as a piggy bank, willing to spend their hard-earned cash. Sleep deprivation is a major problem. Did you know that people will have seen 8000 murders on television - by the time they start grade 1 Many surveys have shown that people of all ages tend to overestimate the occurrence of violence in real life.


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