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Love~Rollo May

Description of May’s Concept “There is a belief that love heals all and that if one does not have it, one is a failure.”(Monte, 1999, P.591.) People have sought love as a solution to all their problems, but now has become a problem in itself. May has discussed his theory of love in depth in Love and Will. Love and Will describes and Beneath the Mask, Monte repeats May’s four different forms of loving. Agape or Caritas or Care, Sex or lust or libido, Eros and Death, and last is Philia. May states that we have created a sort of Schizoid World, a numbness against all problems and feelings. This numbness causes uncaring and therefore an unmotivated life. This numbness is also the cause of violence because people feel as if they don’t have an impact on anyone’s life, which causes them to resort to physical impact, because they are unable to make an emotional connection. The first form of loving is Agape or Caritas or Care. It is the love for the wellbeing of others and self. Form the beginning of life care is essential, it is what humans need to survive. A person must care in order to accomplish anything, from having a meaningful sexual relationship or friendship to taking care of the self. Agape or Caritas or Care is the prerequisite for love and it is manifested in the remaining three forms of love Sex, Eros and Death, and Philia. The Second is Sex, Lust or Libido. Sex is where man’s existence begins and therefore is very important. “It is the power of procreation, the drive which perpetuates the race, the source at once of the human being’s most intense pleasure and his most pervasive anxiety.” (May, 1969, P.38.) Sex has become extremely important; it occupies man’s life in all aspects. We are past the times that sex was difficult and even forbidden to talk or write about, but with this newfound sexual freedom many new problems have arisen. Many people suffer from things like impotence and performance anxiety. ...

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