Peer Pressure

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Peer Pressure Peer pressure is one of the oldest and probably one of the main factors why students do “un-cool” things. Unfortunately, hundreds of students are being pressured daily to participate in selling drugs and drinking alcoholic beverages. We as Americans must take action to stop this unnatural influence. We either address the issue of peer pressure among students or we simply watch our children slowly deteriorate. This issue is a national crisis and must be solved as such. Currently, students at an early age are being pressured to do things against their will. Statistics shows that over ninety percent of students who are pressured Continue...

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For example, Ron, an eleven-year-old boy, is introduced to drugs from his friends. by their peers to use drugs or sell other narcotic substances begin as early as age nine. This addiction leads to driving while drunk and his fate---killing a prominent family of four. Therefore, parents all over the world should get involve in their children's lives to promote positive peer interactions or nationally face the realities of drugs and alcohol abuse. There is no quick-fix solution to peer pressure, but it certainly lends itself to questions. He takes his first drink at age fifteen because it is the "thing to do. This is one of many unfortunate endings peer pressure has on society. Also, parents should attend parent-teacher conferences and make quarterly visits to their children's schools. For instance, John, an inspiring athlete, honor roll student, and "Mr. Popular, knows from the onset that he is genetically prone to alcoholism. Unfortunately, Ron, now an adult, is in jail serving three years for possession of crack-cocaine. At the same time, it creates his addiction. Likewise, alcoholism can be just as devastating to society as drug abuse especially to the young. Ron, of course, is not interested at first but because of his peers persisting, bullying, and name calling, he eventually gives in to the pressure.