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Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

At some point in their lives virtually everyone will experience stressful events or situations that overwhelm their natural coping mechanisms. Stress can be a physical, chemical, or emotional factor that causes bodily and mental tension (Baron, 1999). It is the body’s response to the mounting pressures that compel the mind to operate. Stress generally results from exposure that one will encounter possibly everyday. The most common form of stress is that related to work (Wellness Checkpoint, 1998). Each person has an equilibrium and it is often interrupted by an event or situation that may result in poor performance. Though some people see the pressure as a motivator, more and more are recognizing it as an inescapable drain on their energy. Believe it or not, stress not only affects your performance on the job, but it can also affect your well-being. Health is something that gets emphasized more and more each day. We all want to be healthy and we all want to do whatever we can to get that way and stay that way. You may think that being healthy is all about physical appearance, like your weight, but it also relates to the mental aspect as well. A person’s mentality often determines their efficiency and effectiveness. If a person is overwhelmed with an abundance of stress and anxiety, it is inevitable that it will reflect in their work. It creates a mood that weakens a person’s inner self, therefore leading to unsuccessful conclusions. 75% of the general population experiences some sort of stress and anxiety in the workplace and a large portion of them also admitted how it affected their daily routines. Half of that percentage also confessed to experiencing moderate or high levels of stress every two weeks (Ellis, 1999). That is an incredible percentage and can only reflect this; something needs to be done to help reduce the amount of stress in many people’s lives. Though some of that percentage may be relat...

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