Valentines Day

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Well, its that time of year again..... Valentines bloody day. I don't know how I control myself from the immense excitement. Please note the complete and utter sarcasm hidden in the latter statement. What a load of crap. Valentines day is one great big facade. If there was ever an occasion during the year that appears overwhelmingly pleasant, yet in actual fact just a sordid excuse for a day, it would be Valentines day. And for those unfortunate people who are actually bothering to read this email I suggest you refrain from judge me and accusing me of being basically bitter. Yes, I do admit that once again I am single on Valent Continue...

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ines Day and hence will not receive a gift, but this is not foundation of my outright disinterest and disapproval of this "loving occasion". What is Valentine's day In my opinion (which I might add probably or definitely doesn't weight much to most people, particularly to those who are somewhat tiresome of my continuous chain of bitter emails), Valentines Day is not a day where people can show "their loved ones'" the extent and deepness of their feelings of each other by the purchasing of lame gifts that resemble something "warm and fuzzy" like flowers, chocolates or pitiful stuffed toys) In reality Valentines Day is fundamentally a day where two goals can be achieved. For example; sorry babe, I didn't mean to fuck your best friend but heres a red rose because its valentines day and I love you. This is essentially because they have done or are doing something they shouldn't. Lastly there is also a hidden goal out there too. This goal is for the single people of the world. In this case the merchandise only requiring to merely resemble love and to exist at a obscenely overprice amount. Forgive me Harsh, I admit, but true. Now, goal number two; this goal is for the partner in the relationship who is needs a desperate excuse to earn brownie points. First goal; like any other special day, is a goal for retail, where stores can have a field day in selling extensive quantities of merchandise. This goal is to portray a constant commercial reminder from all the coupled people to the single society that they are in fact unattached and unloved.