A Woma's Ideal Partner (descriptive essay)

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A Woman’s Ideal Partner As a young girl, it is imagined that as a woman the ideal man would come and “sweep you off your feet”. Women imagine this because it is a wonderful image to picture. As a woman begins to grow so do the criteria of what is desired in a man. Women envision there significant other to be as close to perfection as possible. This ideal person is considered in the beholder’s eyes as a person to spend an eternity with. When envisioning the ideal person, there are many characteristics I imagine, some physical and others consist of the personality. While imagining this significant other, I would begin from top to bottom, beginning with the eyes. These eyes should be deep and dark. When looking into someone’s eyes, you can tell what experiences they have been through. Looking into a pair of dark eyes can be one of the most mesmerizing experiences. Long eyes lashes are a beautiful feature on a man. It provides the eyes with definition and character. A desirable complexion would be brown like caramel. Skin this color is beautiful to look at, it is also attractive when a man has smooth skin. A man’s face is what is touched quite often so it is pleasing to tou Continue...

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When a man is so charming with his words, he can appear to be the most desirable person alive. It is also important to enjoy yourself with this person. When thinking about this ideal person body frame, I imagine this person to be a strong man, not extremely muscular but somewhat. A perfect date with an ideal partner would be a dinner. This eyes contact would be so intense that we could feel it deep in our souls. These strawberries would simply melt in our mouths. This quilt would feel like we are lying on clouds. We would name and claim our stars as we hold each other. A great smile can be a feature that turns the saddest day into the best. An ideal partner of mine would have the power to change my entire mood with just one smile. A touch by a man can feel like an eternity of happiness. The strength of a man is amazing and incredible. This allows one to feel protected which is what women desire in a man. This ideal man should be goal-oriented as well. Our conversation would be made by eye contact.


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