Why Did Communism Fail?

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With the fall of many Communist regimes in Warsaw Pact states during the late 1980’s, many people considered that as the death throes of Marxism and Communism as a viable political ideology and economic model. The final deathblow was actually delivered in 1991, when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics itself fell apart and the successor states all attempted to move to a free market economic system with a democratic government. Although other socialist states such as China survived the collapse of Communism around the world, they did so only because they adopted economic policies that can be considered capitalist in nature. At present, only North Korea maintained the command economy model based on the theories of Karl Marx and his followers. However, one look at North Korea and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that country is actually in deep trouble. By following events in recent history, we could say that Communism as an economic model has failed in achieving its lofty promises of a classless and equal society. But many people are asking, why did it fail? How could such a system seen by many 50 years ago as a better option to a supposedly decadent capitalist system just fall apart like that? Even as late as 20 ye Continue...

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However, once the leaders of that government are in full control, they were corrupted by the power that they possessed. Human societies are formed when individuals live together in communities and agree to protecthelp each other from a common threat to survival. However, humans are not merely drones whose main purpose in this world is to produce goods and services for the society heshe lives in. But as history would prove to us once again, no man is an island. But the main difference between the two is that contemporary Socialists point out that end could be achieved through peaceful means such as government reform. It is grounded in the concept of free enterprise, which argues that government intervention in the economy should be restricted and that a free market, based on supply and demand, will ultimately maximize consumer welfare. Of course, this turn of events lead to the fall of the Soviet Union. If we are talking about Marx's evolution of society towards communism, according to it before we reached the level of pure communism, the proletariat must establish a dictatorial government that controls all aspects of society. Although Capitalism can exist in authoritarian forms of government, it is more often than not that capitalism has been and is associated with governments that are liberal in nature. It is like going back to the Stone Age where life is uncertain, if not dangerous. Not convinced Tell me what I'm thinking right now. Communism attempts to eliminate that social stratification, supposedly in order to unite them towards a common goal but by doing that it is only trying to destroy what humanity has achieved in the last 6,000 years. As time passed, they lost sight of their original goal of a classless and equal society; instead those leaders became the new privileged class at the expense of the people that they're supposed to lead. All that is now history but why did Capitalism triumphed over Communism One of the main tenets of Communism is to achieve a society where all could benefit from the society's production of goods and services.


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