Miss Brill

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Essay on Miss Brill The story “Miss Brill” is an extremely good example of how a writer can use different fictional aspect to bring about an understanding of her. Miss Brill can be analyzed by examining the character, the symbolism, and the theme of the story. The narrator is telling us the story in the third person singular perspective. Our narrator is a non-participant, which we learn no details about from a physical sense. Miss Brill comes alive from the description we get from this anonymous person. “Authors present their character either directly or indirectly. In direct presentation they tell us straight out; by exposition or analysis, what the character are like, or they have another character in the story describe them. In indirect presentation the author shows us the character through their action; we determine what they are like by what they say or do” (169).In the story the author uses indirect presentation to allow the reader to create his or her own opinion of Miss Brill. She is described as a woman who lives in a small house, somewhat the size of a cupboard and that she is living in a state of false consciousness. Miss Brill struggles with her loneliness and lack of reality, while living vicariously thr Continue...

"The theme of a piece of fiction is its controlling idea or its central insight. It is the unifying generalization about life stated or implied by the story. In a sense Miss Brill feels guilty because she has kept the fur in storage for so long and has been somewhat damaged. "Yes I have been an actress for a very long time (185). For example, the young couple that sits in front of her is extremely rude to her. Her life revolves around the lives of the people in her "play. But this time Miss Brill did not stay happy; this time reality sunk in and her feelings got hurt. But in Miss Brill's case she learned the hard way, getting her feelings hurt by not being aware of her fantasy world instead of reality and by listening to others conversations. She had taken it out of the box that afternoon, shaken out the moth powder, given it a good brush, and rubbed like back into the dim little eyes (182). She referred to it as "dear and in her perspective the fur has "sad little eyes (182), instead of glass ones. Symbolism can be defined as "something that means more than what it suggests on the surface. Symbolism plays a particularly large part in explaining Miss Brill. Not only did she look forward to listening to the band but she also looks forward to seeing what is going on with the lives of the others. Not only does this quote reveal that the trips to the park "rubs life back into Miss Brill, but also the condition of the fur's eyes might also mean that Miss Brill is not as young and full of life as she once might have been. She seems so happy but in reality she is not.