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My idol is David Beckham The person that I look up to is one of the best influential football players in England, David Beckham. Beckham is a footballer with an uncanny ability to score goals and get the crowd on their feet. The twenty-nine year old soccer idol has changed the game of soccer throughout the entire world. Beckham is not only an excellent soccer player; he is an idol to people of all ages because of his excellent work ethic. Beckham’s goal when he was a child was to make it to the premier soccer league and play with Manchester United. When Beckham turned eighteen he made his soccer dreams come true. Beckham signed with one of the best Continue...

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Beckham had to work extremely hard and show hisskill to win a starting position on this English team. It only took one year forBeckham"tms coaches to be impressed. The UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has chosen David Beckham to be a UNAmbassador. Beckham strived to become a great soccer player and succeeded with hard work and determination. teams in the league,Manchester United, in 1993. David Beckham exemplifies the definition of the word captain. The captain has to become the leader. Beckham only being twenty-nine was "thrilled and honored" to acceptthe prestigious title. Beckham appeals to boys and girls, young and old; there is no one else within his reach. It only took three years to become the captain of Manchester United. He looks forward to helping these African children get involved. Beckham says the first country he intends to assist is Africa. Beckham is a leader, he sets the trends, and people follow him. Beckham has been chosen to be team captain with every team he has ever played on.


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