Crime Scene Investigator

             The career I decided to research is a crime scene investigator (CSI). I chose this career because I think the job is very interesting and I love to figure out crimes and the causes of why and how people died in that crime. I think looking for the clues and matching them up to lead to the answers of the crime is the thrill by itself. Catching the criminal or criminals (if any) and putting them in jail where they belong will be extremely rewarding. This job interests me and inspires me to do something worthwhile to my life in the future.
             The CSI have many responsibilities on investigating a crime scene, which vary throughout the world. They are responsible for the evaluation of the scene, package physical evidence for scientific evaluation and comparison, prepare detailed reports on the observations and activities at the scene of the crime, testifies in court concerning the findings and processing methods used at the scene. They need to have an expertise in photography, sketching, processing all of the collection of evidence. To be more specific on evidence like footprints and fingerprints, hair and fibers, biological fluid, including DNA and blood spatter. A CSI deals with crimes such as homicides, sexual assaults, armed robberies, home investigations, and property crime such as burglaries. At theses scenes the CSI collect evidence and transport it, attend and photograph autopsies, writing reports on the observations and evidence recovered from the scene of the crime, and testifying in court. A CSI regular workweek consists of Monday-Friday and normally works at 8:30A.M. -4:30P.M. Other than that they are on stand-by, which is when and if they are called in when they are off duty then they must go in and do whatever they were assigned. A CSI is expect to respond to emergency calls whenever necessary 24 hours a day. Even if it is 15 minutes before thanksgiving dinner or just when everyone is about to open his or her Christmas presen...

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