Lloyd George fall fron power

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Why Did Lloyd George Fall From Power 1922? Prime Minister. The Radical Lloyd George made a greater impact on British public life than any in 20th century. He laid the foundations of what later became the welfare state and put a progressive income tax system at the centre of government finance. He also left his mark on the system of government by enlarging the scope of the Prime Minister role. In 1918 he was acclaimed, as the ‘Man who won the war’ (which Hitler claimed himself). He also had major achievement to his credit: the parliamentary reform of 1918 which enfranchised women, the 1918 Education Act, the 1919 Housing Act, the settlement of the Irish question in 1921, and of course the Versailles. But in time both Liberals and Conservatives follows dissatisfied. In this assignment I will be analysing his actions, which led to his downfall. They were many reasons why Lloyd George falls from power in 1922. I shall begin to look at the different policies and things he did, which failed badly and worsened his position. When he didn’t punish Germany as much as people thought he should, they began to query his motives and his loyalty to Britain. Because this is the same Racial Prime Minister who promised to ‘Hang the K Continue...

They began to rebel and L-G involved Britain in a conflict when the Turks under Kemal Ataturk attacked the town of Chanak in the international zone. Their chance to undermine him came shortly after L-G announced his intention of calling a general election. Instead he lost the people support and L-G failed. During this period the rich purchased some 90 peerages and 20,000 OBEs. Where he the asking rate during the coalition years was between 10,000 and 12,000 for a knighthood, and between 35,000 and 40,000 for a baronetcy. These weren't the sorts of things that the people expected from their Prime Minister. This signing lost L-G support from Liberals and Conservative (because it went against their ideologies). 'Land fit for heroes' is what he had promised but he didn't have this in 1922. But, the Turks were unhappy with their treaty as they thought it was too harsh. The Chanak incident In October 1922. . L-G's style of government was also criticised. They managed to calm Turkey down but it had shown the people that he was willing to go to war so soon after such devastation as World War One and he was willing to do it without any allies as well. L-G Basically,wanted to scare Turkey off and win points with his party (But the opposite happened because he lost support from the Army, the Conservative and the Prime Minister of Dominions).