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The Electronic Teacher In recent years computers have become more useful to parents, teachers, and students because they have become faster and less expensive. Which is why computers can be found in most classrooms and can be useful to teachers and students. Many people feel that the time spent on computers could be spent on other things like one on one teaching or learning how to read and write. What people don’t think about is how effective a computer could be to a child’s education, and how computers can get students organized and willing to learn. In order to make computers more effective, teachers need to be trained on how to use computers, pick appropriate software, and get students involved in learning how to use the computer. For years computers have been used in the classroom to help in the overall education of students. Since computers help so much there needs to be a way to include the use of computers in a student’s everyday life. In an essay by Tom Loveless he includes a report conducted by the U.S. Department of Education that states, “the proportion of schools reporting the use of at least one computer expanded dr Continue...

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If the changes that I have discussed are made the computer will be a powerful teaching tool. 8 million computers roughly one for every nine students (2). So if students see that the teacher is trying to learn how to do something like using the computer they will feel like they can learn how to use the computer as well. Many people don't realize how computers can help students learn different skills that can be useful to students now and in the future. Children that have trouble with language skills can use different software that may be available in the classroom that can change the way a child's brain processes language (Parents Perspective, 58. Students with remedial reading skills can use special software that will allow the student to use text-to-speech programs to help improve word-recognition skills (58. Which will allow teachers and students to learn how to use the computer together. Department of Education report, only 24 percent of new teachers feel sufficiently prepared to integrate technology into the curriculum they are using (Brogan 59). amatically in the 1980's, from about 30 of schools in 1982 to over 95 in 1988 (Why aren't computers, 2. This allows students to learn how certain words are spelled so that the next time they use the word it is spelled correctly. ) Loveless also includes a report conducted by OTA that states "in 1995, schools possessed an estimate 5. In order for computers to be more affective both teachers and students need to learn how to use the computer.


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