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Starting with Harding’s term in 1920 and continuing with Coolidge and Hoover after, the 1920s became known as the Roaring Twenties. The 1920s also represented an important watershed in the development of a mass national culture. A new emphasis on leisure, consumption, and amusement characterized the modern era, although its benefits were more accessible to the white middle class than to minorities and other disadvantaged groups. The Roaring 1920s were largely developed by the arts and entertainment industries. The Roaring Twenties had cultural and economic characteristics. Starting with a recession from 1920-1921, aftermaths of WWI, the economy had a boom. Many things contributed. Automobiles were being produced massively by Gene Continue...

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There were mass-production techniques which resulted in a 40 increase in workers' productivity. Talented writers were disgusted with the hypocrisy and materialism of contemporary American society. Producers switched from using steam power to electric power. The Entertainment industry boomed in this period. There were great authors in this time. Their culture greatly compares to that of today's. Entertainment grew in this time also. The literary works of this period was motivated by the hypocrisy of the period. The top 5 of the corporations in the nation had 85 of the corporate income. After the recession, the unemployment rate stayed at a mere 3-4. In 1929, advertisers spent 15 on every man, woman and child in the nation, that's 2. They include Earnest Hemmingway who wrote The Sun Also Rises (1926), and A Farewell to Arms (1929). In sports and recreation, new sites were being constructed.


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