The Importance of Mountains

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The Importance Of Mountains Introduction “Mountain is the beginning and the end of all the natural scenery” Mountain are god given physical features found both on the land and in the sea(even on other planets). We cannot always measure their importance in terms of animals. Natural habitat for animals Allowing a fair distribution of wild life, they are also a natural sanctuary for some animals. There are certain areas, where the grip of man cannot reach. On the top there are birds and insects and the lowest parts, goats and sheep are found. Natural Beauty “It dominates the skyline wherever it appears raising our eyes above the everyday level of civilisation.” Nature is represented in different shapes and dif Continue...

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The Alpes separating Switzerland and its neighbours. According to the Hindu mythology, the god Shiva resides on 'Kailash' which is part of one mountain in the Himalayas. From some mountains equipped with the funicular for example the alps. Some countries are earning a lot foreign exchange on account of their mountains. Conclusion "It is the most striking world features. Frontiers Frontiers between countries, they act as natural borders separating countries. Mount Blanc separating France and Italy. Symbols of Sanctity "Though shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holly mountain, for the earth shall be full of knowledge of the lord Mountains are legendary dwelling places of some god. A lure to vacationers to tourists. When Admond de Helary was asked why he conquered Everest, he replied "Because it was there.


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but we understand even from this foreshortened version that the story explains the presence of mountains and valleys and the presence and importance of the (1916 8 )

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