A Moral Issue Of Murder

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A Moral Issue of Murder Capital punishment is an issue that has long been debated amongst Americans. We have been questioning the morality of “an Eye For an Eye” way of thinking. Many say that serious crimes deserve serious punishments such as death, where others view death to be an unjust punishment for any crime. Each side seems to be equal in its volume of supporters. There are also many who ride the fence on the issue, unconvinced of either side. I, however, am writing to illustrate the immoral view of capital punishment. This document does not presume to have the right answer to the question, for to assume that would be arrogant. No, this essay is merely a tool to be used in weighing this very important issue. When the unspeakable happens and a human life, or lives, is taken by another, for reasons other than self defense or accidental, revenge and fury are so often the first emotions to surface. It is often thought that restitution will ease the pain of loss. To accomplish the feat to revenge wounded hearts, many turn, quite ironically, to murder. That is after all what capital punishment entails, murder. However justified, to intentionally end a life is to murder. At first glimpse, to take a life for a l Continue...

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Which of these is not unusual Going back to the first quote in regards to scriptures, let me quote the sixth commandment from the Bible, "Thou Shall not Murder. God did not grant us the right to administer judgment and death. Quite on the contrary to Haag's statement, there seems to be no evidence for society having the right to execute murderers except through their own beliefs. It appears to be the only one fair solution. But I realized that this made me no better then them and that it was not my place to throw death at anybody. Looking back as far as stonings in Israel and the beheadings during the medieval ages, this fact is very obvious. To be without such emotions is to be inhuman. God himself professes that "thou shall no murder. This is a job no human should be faced with, for their soul may be tormented endlessly with doubt that they judged wrongly. Traditional laws and Scriptures have always supported the death penalty(640). However, to deprive someone of their life for any reason is unmistakably cruel. He will cast judgment and punishment on the guilty in his own just way. It would even be safe to say that morally the death penalty has always been seen as an acceptable punishment. Possibilities for mistakes are endless and could sentence an innocent person to a wrongful death.


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