A Moral Issue Of Murder

             Capital punishment is an issue that has long been debated amongst Americans. We have been questioning the morality of “an Eye For an Eye” way of thinking. Many say that serious crimes deserve serious punishments such as death, where others view death to be an unjust punishment for any crime. Each side seems to be equal in its volume of supporters. There are also many who ride the fence on the issue, unconvinced of either side. I, however, am writing to illustrate the immoral view of capital punishment. This document does not presume to have the right answer to the question, for to assume that would be arrogant. No, this essay is merely a tool to be used in weighing this very important issue.
             When the unspeakable happens and a human life, or lives, is taken by another, for reasons other than self defense or accidental, revenge and fury are so often the first emotions to surface. It is often thought that restitution will ease the pain of loss. To accomplish the feat to revenge wounded hearts, many turn, quite ironically, to murder. That is after all what capital punishment entails, murder. However justified, to intentionally end a life is to murder. At first glimpse, to take a life for a life taken seems with just cause and the right of society. It appears to be the only one fair solution. But is it okay for society to kill a killer? Is the right truly given to humans to deal out judgment and death? Should it be our decision who shall live and die? Or does only one truly posses the gift to decide? These questions make up the backbone of this controversy and need to be answered.
             I find it odd when Ernest Haag states, “I see no evidence for society somehow not having the right to execute murderers. It has always done so. Traditional laws and Scriptures have always supported the death penalty”(640). When the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America pla

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