Auschwitz Concentration Camp

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On January 27, 1945, Russian troops went to Auschwitz, which was a village in southern Poland. There, in Auschwitz's were concentration camps. They found 7,600 inmates and World War II's most awful secret, the Holocaust. A few days later the U.S. Army freed another well known Nazi death camp, named Dachau. The soldiers saw starving prisoners, bones protruding from their skin, serial numbers tattooed on their arm, stacks of half-burned corpses, and piles of human hair. Auschwitz was not the first Nazi concentration camp that had an uncertain peculiarity that it had belonged to Dachau. But Auschwitz was the most notorious cam Continue...

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More than three fourths of the victims were Jews. was in a way an Anti-Semitist country. The resistance for Jewish immigration showed that the U. The prisoners were told that the chambers were showers. Most people at that time agreed that Jews were different and should be restricted. The Nazis tried to cover up their cruel scheme but, four prisoners escaped from Auschwitz, carrying evidence that showed the Nazi's program of mass murder. And if they stopped Hitler in 1938 there probably wouldn't have been a World War II. Auschwitz was a creation of Hitler's belief that Germans were a superior race that had a right to kill those that were inferior to them. The controversy with Franklin Roosevelt and his knowledge of the camp was true.


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