Lord of the Flies

             Lord Of The Flies, William Golding’s insightful novel that delves into the essence of human nature, is tremendously important for students to read and comprehend. There is no substantial justification for the banning of Lord Of The Flies from the school curriculum. When openly interpreted from an intellectual standpoint, its redeeming value is undeniably outstanding.
             First of all, Lord Of The Flies is an engrossing, well-written book. It manages to grab the reader with its intriguing plot, and highly sophisticated characters. One of the most important things in reading a book is that it be enjoyable. [This book is guaranteed to entertain and satisfy.] It flows logically from one scene to the next, providing vivid detail and description to the mood and setting that is sure to place the reader in the situation. There is never a dull moment. It is action-packed, as well as meaningful, and truly leaves its mark on the reader. Books with the awesome combination of captivation and cunning depth are hard to come by, but Lord Of The Flies has it all.
             [In addition to being remarkably enjoyable, Golding’s Lord Of The Flies is also exceptionally educational.] Its superb use of symbolism is strikingly prominent. Much of the symbolism is used to foreshadow key events that are to occur later in the book, but its more interesting usage is to underscore the main message. Not only this, but an extensive vocabulary is implemented throughout the novel that will aid students in their own future writings, as well as in scoring high on the SAT. The most important aspect of the book is its overall exceedingly well-developed, intricate storyline. This masterful work of literature is an effective way to teach students how to improve upon their writing skills and how to enjoy the art of reading, simultaneously.
             [Although William Golding does depict life in an overly pessimistic fashion, his book is a wake-up call to tho

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