When we speak of democracy one thing that has become clear is the different notions we have of the idea itself. Perhaps, this conflict comes from our own views of what we would like our perfect democracy to be or reflect. This difference of opinions is growing even more nowadays, partly because of the increase of democratic regimes around the world. When a fundamental political, social, or cultural idea spreads as is the case of the idea of democracy, it also gives birth to new versions, views, methods, which as well as strengthening democracy, give it a much needed sense of conflict, so it can keep growing and expanding. So, the question we must ask ourselves in relation to this is, “Where is our conflict with the ever changing idea of democracy, what parts of this idea reflect our own views, and where do we see the need for change?” and perhaps the question for others should be, “Does democracy really exist?”
             Do we feel that our democracy fulfills its duties to us, its citizens? Perhaps this is a good starting point, since this question pinpoints a fundamental issue in all democratic regimes. How do we decide which duties are most important and should be the main responsibilities for a democratic government to fulfill? We must keep in mind that the style of democracy that we will live under will be directly affected by this decision, because some democratic models tend to give importance to some aspects and not others. This perhaps explains why there isn’t just one model of democracy, and there is a need for various systems to exist. Since a democratic model will exclude some ideas because they will directly conflict or hinder with other responsibilities it is trying to achieve. So, if we believe that individual rights and the protection of those rights are the only key aspects of a democratic government, we will not believe our necessities are being met if we live in a participative-democracy. This is because; ...

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