Pre Med

             In an age where my peers are busily trying to find themselves and the feild they want to major in, I am considered an abnormality. I will at no point say that being an abnormality of this sort is in any way a bad thing. I am an abnormality simply because, I have always known what it is I want to be. I, with the help of the faculty and the facilities at Kean University, will finish my four years and move on to medical school to become an obstatrician. At an age too early to remember and on a television show not important enough to mention, I saw a man I could identify myself with, who lived comfortably with his family as a doctor. From that moment I knew what it was I wanted to be. It also helped to be the oldest of seven, always the first to hold the baby, give out cough medication and offer comfort to my siblings. As I grew, my mental and physical changes only cemented my dreams to become a doctor. Although I always knew what it was I wanted to be, I did not always know the best way to get there. Being that I know what I aspire to be I will push myself to excell for the four years I reside at kean university, and beyond those years as well. I will willingly give up my Friday nights with my friends even spending all nighters studying. I will do this because I feel medicine is my one and only calling and I feel that Kean University is the school that will help me on my path.

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