Father The Hard Worker

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Everyday millions of fathers go to work each day. My father stays home to work. For many years now my father has worked out of the house. For many years to come he will continue to work out of the house. He also works with the Muslim community and has time to support a wife and three children. He is a very hard worker. My father is a auto mechanic. He has been working on cars for 15 years now. He is self-employed and has no steady salary. At the age of 53 years old he makes working on cars look like a sinch. In reality the pain he faces and the sickness that overwhelms him at times is what he is r Continue...

He visits the Mosque everyday for the last two prayers of the day. A job that has no reliable income and shifts as jobs come by and go only determines how much he gets paid. Father has worked hard since he was a child, and he continues to work hard to provide for his family and community. Every year during Ramadan my father makes a small group of volunteers to feed the Muslims at the time of breaking the fast. Even after spending so much time with work and religious activities, he always has time for his family. He also takes us to Canada to visit all our Uncles and Aunts from my father's side of the family. I still remember the times he used to take us to the park and to the movies. Although my father spends majority of the time working on cars, he always has time for the Mosque. He loves the job and couldn't imagine doing anything else. For 30 days he keeps his fast as he helps the volunteers serve food and drinks. He works knowing one day the work will one day kill him. There have been months when us kids had to put in more money then what our own father has made. We might not be the riches family, but he sure doesn't let us feel like we aren't any less.