Treaty Of Versailles

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On June 28 1914, the war had started with the shooting of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo. On 28 June 1919, exactly five years and about 9 million dead soldiers later, the Treaty of Versailles was signed by defeated Germany. Germany’s nose was in the dirt and the allies meant to keep it there. At the treaty of Versailles, Germany and the other Central powers agreed to repay every cent of damage caused by the war. This was known as the reparations and the final amount was fixed at the huge some 30 billion gold marks (at least two zeros more for today’s value) plus interest payable over thirty years. The Peace Treaty of Versailles wasn’t a real success. The Versailles Treaty left many questions unanswered and did not fully settle the questions. The pact couldn’t reverse the tendency initiated by World War I. Generally the Allies attempted to create a status when it all began, which lead to instability and created the Second Great War in Europe. The unsympathetic settlement with Germany left it weak and opened the door for military opportunists, like Adolf Hitler. The Allied nations wanted to keep Germany at the bottom level; most of the leaders were determined to crush Germany and her p Continue...

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Subsequently, German dissatisfaction with the terms of the treaty played an imperative part in the rise of National Socialism. He also played upon the League of Nations' failure to act determinedly to slowly gain territory around him. Therefore decisions were made that the Rhineland, the territory west of Rhine River, will be occupied by the allied Territorial Army for another 15 years. Luckily for Hitler the Depression happened, without which he would never have got into power and become so much stronger militarily in comparison to other countries . Joseph Stalin (the dictator of Russia) offered Britain and France an alliance against Germany but they were too untrusting of communism which as capitalists, they were scared of and disliked. They took 5 weeks to send a reply which did not impress Stalin. They made concessions to Hitler in the hope of keeping peace. This type of reaction was accelerated by Hitler. Consequently, Germany was blamed as the instigator of WWI. This punishment is too hard and it should have been divided between all the Central Powers. Britain was also worried that if she helped Manchuria, her colonies nearby would be at risk. The treaty made Germans drive away from democracy and towards fascism. Japan's attack on Manchuria was treated similarly; no one could afford to send troops to help and trade sanctions would not have worked. Moreover Allies needed a guarantee to make sure that the treaty will be respected.


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