Solution to Crime in any Country

             “The Solution of Crime in the Dominican Republic”
             Is there a solution to crime? No one really knows. However, there are some regulations that can, slowly, decrease it. In The Dominican republic the crime rate is very high. The government in this country does not know what to do to stop crime or how to do it. As a citizen of this country, it is my duty to help it and looking closely to my country’s crime issues I came up with some solutions that might reduce crime and even eradicate it. The government should improve education since this is the key of success, it should improve job opportunity and availability and the government should reinforce judicial laws, including more police strength. These resolutions would give the government the right approach towards the end of crime.
             The Dominican Republic’s government should start by improving education. Education is a big step on the road to success. More educated people means less violent people. By improving the education the government is educating people and giving them the knowledge of good and wrong and how to obey the law. Improving education means putting a lot of government money to build new schools, hiring better teachers, and giving scholarships, since almost four out of ten people don’t go to college because the lack of money. The education in DR is very depressing because the government does not provide enough funding as the schools need. Then, there are a lot of drop-out students that are on the street committing crime. They don’t have any skill and therefore they can not get a decent job or not job at al that can provide them with enough money to cover their basic needs. They quickly begin to rob other people or sell drugs. If people stay in school they would have an opportunity to get off the street and find a job that wouldn’t make them commit crime.

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