Toyota SWOT Analysis

             S.W.O.T. Analysis of Toyota Corporation in the United States
             · Fast, inexpensive production· Well known, trusted brand name· World’s third largest car manufacturer· Camry- best selling car· Other strong brands- i.e. Lexus, Scion · Lack of appeal to younger buyers· Prestige of Toyota name compared to higher end vehicles in the market.
             · Design and introduction of new models· Utilizing hybrid technology· Provide online buying and activities · Strong competitors in all markets· Increasing gas prices· Public transportation as an alternative· More stylish affordable models that appeal to younger buyers· Classier vehicle models from different manufacturers
             The Toyota Corporation is a strong competitor in the automobile industry. Its many strengths can be used to maintain its position and there are several different ways in which it can overcome weakness, take advantage of opportunities, and avoid negative impact from its threats.
             The strongest strength of Toyota is its well-known name and trusted reputation. Most people in America are familiar with the company’s products and feel that they are safe, affordable vehicles. By continuing to ensure that the cars they produce adhere and/or surpass the current safety standards, avoiding negative publicity, and positively projecting the company’s image as much as possible, Toyota can continue to enjoy the benefits of its respectable name. By doing so, people who are in the market for a new automobile will think of Toyota as one of their first choices as they start researching their purchase.
             Another of Toyota’s strong points is that they have devised a production method that is both fast and inexpensive (, “Manufacturing”). This efficient system allows them to produce a large quantity of high-quality vehicles that they can sell for an affordable price. It is vital that they continue to provide this low price to consumers so that they can keep up with c...

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