Sonnys Blues

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A Rhetorical Analysis of “Sonny’s Blues” Analysis of Sound Introduction In the story of “Sonny’s Blues”, one man copes with the ever changing lifestyle of his younger brother. The older brother bumps into a slimy friend of his younger brother one day after work. He is reminded of Sonny’s uglier traits he has compiled over the years when he sees the friend on the street. Sonny and his brother had not talked to each other in quite some time and had not been too close as of recently. His brother Sonny, a struggling soul, had struggled through life, doing only the necessary to get through each day. Gifted to Sonny was a natural love for music. This love, although not the most practical career choices, was the true thing Sonny understood and wanted to pursue. Frustrated by Sonny’s stubbornness, among many things, his brother initially believes that his job as a jazz musician should be nothing more than a hobby. The Element of sound is a continuously dominant feature in the as Sonny finds more out about who he is and what expression is locked up inside waiting to get out. Sonny’s music is a key to his soul, where he can go to block out the pain, troubles, and suffering he has dealt with all threw hi Continue...

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    Sonny Blue
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On November 30, 1987 died of stomach cancer at the age of 63. Sonny's music soon follows with a cascade of emotion and pride, which pierce the hearts of all that hear as they get lost in their interpretations of the melody. Although not developed or mentioned too much, these sounds are what you hear, but at the same time they are so familiar that you tune them out sometimes. Indoor Sounds The Jazz night club has distinctive indoor sounds. As he walks and talks with Sonny's friend, their own style of strides makes a mismatching rhythm, which is as awkward as their conversation. Soon after graduation, James left Harlem behind for a life in New Jersey as a railroad hand, however James would eventually return to Harlem. Sonny's brother soon realizes how special and unique his troubled brother really is. Paul de Vence on the Riviera, France. Baldwin became Five College Professor in the Afro-American Studies department of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1983. Growing up, family matters were often miserable; however he found comfort in reading writing and religious faith. Background History Rose in Harlem, New York, James Baldwin understood the struggles of street life. The outdoor sounds flow through conscious and unconscious mind, becoming stronger and more detailed as the story develops. Outdoor Sounds Sound was an important part of the short story "Sonny's Blues.