Children: The Real Pollution

             People today believe that major companies, the government’s nuclear arsenal, and chemical factories are the cause of pollution today. In reality, I believe that children are the cause of pollution today. Today’s children are the cause of our pollution problems for two reasons. One, children require more materials then any other person. We must constantly produce items to entertain and maintain them, but at the same time the byproducts of these items are deadly. Two, children are not being told of the current environmental problems facing us today. This ignorance will eventually lead to the death of our planet.
             Children require more materials then any other person, and the items they do require, produce some of the most deadly byproducts known. “Right up to the present moment, U.S. history has involved the exploitation of natural resources to the point of crisis” (Anderson 291). For example, most of the items we use to feed, entertain, and protect our children are made up of plastic. Plastic, when not recycled correctly, is burned along with the rest of our common trash. When burned, plastic releases dangerous CFC’s into the air. CFC’s, or Chlorofluorocarbons, are any of various halocarbon compounds consisting of carbon, hydrogen, chlorine, and fluorine. Chlorofluorocarbons are believed to cause depletion of the atmospheric ozone layer. The irony of this is that if we don’t protect our children, our species will die off. On the other hand, if we destroy the ozone layer, our species will die off. Air pollution is another byproduct of the production of children. When a family has a child, they are forced to drive them to the doctor, to school, to friends’ houses, and so on. Once the child is old enough to drive, then they also contribute to the pollution of the air. Children also aid in the production of general waste. The amount of general trash in a household is increased dramatically. This increas...

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