Children: The Real Pollution

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“CHILDREN: THE REAL POLLUTION” People today believe that major companies, the government’s nuclear arsenal, and chemical factories are the cause of pollution today. In reality, I believe that children are the cause of pollution today. Today’s children are the cause of our pollution problems for two reasons. One, children require more materials then any other person. We must constantly produce items to entertain and maintain them, but at the same time the byproducts of these items are deadly. Two, children are not being told of the current environmental problems facing us today. This ignorance will eventually lead to the death of our planet. Children require more materials then any other person, and the items they do require, produce some of the most deadly byproducts known. “Right up to the present moment, U.S. history has involved the exploitation of natural resources to the point of crisis” (Anderson 291). For example, most of the items we use to feed, entertain, and protect our children are made up of plastic. Plastic, when not recycled correctly, is burned along with the rest of our common trash. When burned, plastic releases dangerous CFC’s into the air. CFC’s, or Chlorofluorocarbons, are an Continue...

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Chlorofluorocarbons are believed to cause depletion of the atmospheric ozone layer. Overall, children serve no purpose until the age of twelve or thirteen, except to aid in the already occurring destruction of our earth. No longer would our tax dollars go towards raising children that have been born into bad homes, or those abandoned. By eliminating the production of children, we can review the facts, and decide on how many, where, and when to have the children depending on the status of the earth. Unfortunately, with each added worker, another mouth to feed is created. The problem with this is that much money is needed to research these production methods. The money would not be a concern except that people concerned with the food supply of other countries, the government"tms concern with fighting with other countries, and the common economical drains that all countries face. The real pollution today is not children; rather it is the irresponsible ways of their examples. Children look up to their parents, older siblings, and teachers for the correct way to act and live. Which is the best optionThere is no quick fix or best option. There are, however, ways to stop children from destroying our earth. We cannot expect our children to realize that their world is slowly dieing, especially with the way that we treat it now. Lastly, children add to the all ready overpopulated earth in which we live. Children also aid in the production of general waste. If that means that the government needs to regulate who has children, then so be it.