Poetry of Kocan, Hope and Grey

             Australian poetry is full of meaning and passion. Many Australian poets have been recognized for their work all over the world. Many Australians enjoy the words from poets such as Judith Wright, Michael Dransfield, Gwen Harwood, David Cambell and many more. The selected poem "Australia" by A.D. Hope who was a professor of English at ANU University in Canberra and resonated poems "Barbecue" by Peter Kocan & "A Kangaroo" by Robert Grey were chosen as Australia is a magnificent place and we are renowned for our barbecues and animals such as the kangaroos. The poems will be analysed and compared to each other throughout this presentation.
             "Australia" by A.D.Hope is a poem that really explains in depth the beauty of Australia and what it means to him. Australia was discovered in 1770 by Captain James Cook and since then it has grown and developed immensely as a nation. Australia is a young country and has always been beautiful since those Englishmen set aboard this great island. A.D Hope describes Australia as being the "emptiest" of lands; this meaning all other nations being overpopulated and Australia being still vacant so to speak. Hope expresses his love for Australia in an insulting way. Confused? Well in the first five stanzas there are many signs of him putting Australia down.
             "A woman beyond her change of life, a breast
             Still tender but within the womb is dry."
             "...a breast still tender" establishes Australia being a young place which is true however when Hope states "...but within the womb is dry." It means inside, we (Australia) are dull and boring.
             "Without songs, architecture, history:
             "The emotions and superstitions of younger lands"
             Where Hope states: "Without songs, architecture, history" he means that Australia is a new country and has no meaning and past. He then states tha

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