Apocalypse Now: The Evil of War-

             When soldiers prepare to go off to war, many of us envision the parades that are held in honor of their bravery and loyalty to their country. The mood seems very encouraging with the positive mindset that everything is going to turn out right and that they will all come home as confident as they were the day they left. That is not realistic at all. It is good to be positive about winning a war and coming back home safely. Yet when some soldiers look at the evil of war directly in the face, they are changed radically and become self-destructive. Conversely, those who recognize this conflict in their minds and contend with the evil will survive while making life-altering realizations. Two main characters in the film Apocalypse Now, written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola, that exemplify different approaches to this inner conflict are Captain Willard and Colonel Kurtz.
             The beginning of the film, at the time of the Vietnam War, opens with Willard in a state of frustration, as if he is close to insanity. However, when he breaks his mirror, this action is symbolic of him recognizing that he has to face his inner conflicts. The film portrayed them through his journey down the Nung River in search of the alleged madman, Colonel Kurtz, whom he must assassinate. His travels eventually bring him deep into the jungle, symbolizing the increased evilness and inhumanity of war.
             Along the way, Willard observed many scenes, which increased his recognition of evil. He observed the fact that the war the U.S. military were fighting in Vietnam caused many soldiers to become chaotic and absurd. Take his encounter with Colonel Kilgore, who was the commanding officer of the ninth U.S. Air Cavalry for example. While they wrap up an air raid on one of the Vietcong villages, all they can think about is the ocean front beach and how great it would be to go surfing, especially Kilgore. They do not flinch once to see the multitude of dead bodies surroundin...

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