The life of Martin luther

             Martin Luther was a genius in his time, starting out as a monk, and then later on becoming a teacher, then to some viewed as a leader. Most people in today's world don't even know who Martin Luther is and when they here his name they think of Martin Luther knights man was responsible for many good things as in starting the reformation of protestants. He also wrote the 95 thesis which changed many people's views on the church after reading these thesis. Luther was a great speaker and a better writer when it came to his work you never wanted to get in his way.
             Back in the 1490's the church was the all mighty of the lands and they had more power then even the government. If you didn't obey and follow the church's rules they could punish you and condemn you. Send you to heaven or hell, and even to forgive your sins for payments. You were also expected to pay ten percent of your wages to God. Church was everything in this era and almost every person had something to do within a church. Martin Luther thought different of the church and said that no church should have more power than the government. Also that no church should be able to make you pay taxes since the church is a tax-free branch. Most people in this day couldn't even read and if so could only read one language. Martin Luther believed that everyone should be able to read the bibles and understand it so he acts on this. He felt that everyone just listening to whatever was preached wasn't good enough.
             Martin Luther was born in Eiseleben Germany in 1483 and lived with both his parents. He was an alterably who sang in the choir for the church. Luther's father looked after him and told him he would become a lawyer one day in the future. Luther's parents were very harsh and would beat him all the time. Martin was a quiet but relevant student and was a great musician with the violin. When he was eighteen he enrolled in the very rit...

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