Almost Famous

             Directed and written by Cameron Crowe
             Starring Patrick Fugit, Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, Jason Lee and Frances McDormand
             Cameron Crowe views his life and experiences of his mid teen years as a rock critic for Rolling Stone Magazine, whom he shows through the eyes of his alter-ego, William Miller (who is played by Patrick Fugit), in the critically acclaimed film, "Almost Famous." William follows around a "mid level band struggling with their own limitations in the harsh face of stardom." which is known as "Stillwater." This movie follows "Stillwater" showing everything William writes about and Sees, and shows the life of 70's Rock n, Roll in its last drive before being killed by disco.
             The Setting for the movie was in San Diego in the early 1970's. Williams's sister Anita (Zooey Deschantel) is shown as a "rebel" who believes in everything her mother is against. She causes conflict and problems at home but decides to leave home when she turned 18 to become a stewardess. Williams mother Elaine, whom is a conservative woman, also a very liberal woman, whom "decided to celebrate Christmas on a day in September when she knew it wouldn't be commercialized." Elaine is a very good mother who tries teaching William "the cliff notes on life." She supports his journey even if she didn't agree with them, and helped give an honest statement to a few of the rock and rollers a time or two. She also put William in first grade when he was five, never telling him till he was eleven. He thought he was thirteen. No wonder he had not gone through puberty yet.
             William, now fifteen is fully in love with the music of Rock and writes articles and submits them to "Creem Magazine" and a few underground papers. He meets up with legendary rock critic and editor of "Creem Magazine," Lester Bangs. Lester teaches William the ropes of being a rock journalist and tells him certain rules to follow and the tr

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