Benjamin Franklin

             The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
             Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706, in Boston, Massachusetts. Benjamin Franklin was a great man and left a great impact on America and its history. He has attributed many of his great ideas to our society. Franklin had many publications and other writings that have become a part of our history but is known for his other, larger, influences left on our country. In the 1740s, Franklin worked on several projects, including the fire brigade, the police force, the University of Pennsylvania, the street sweeping service and some other smaller public works projects. He retired from the printing business in 1748 and began to conduct scientific experiments in lightning. In 1753, he was awarded honorary degrees from Harvard and Yale, and he became Postmaster General of America.
             Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He is often thought of as the revolutionary figure who led protests against the Stamp Act, helped draft the Declaration of Independence, coordinated the peace treaty ending the American Revolution, and co-wrote and signed the U.S. Constitution. While seeing Franklin on the $100 bill you would think of him as being a major civic figure, when he actually considered himself more the scientist which led to his invention of the stove and his great theories on lightning and electricity. Without his research and developments on the idea of electricity the world would be an entirely different place. Imagine what we wouldn't be able to accomplish without electricity.
             By reading this autobiography I learned that he was a great scholar, fascinated by all types of learning and was interested in doing whatever he could to make life a little bit better for mankind. This was all based on his idea that the way to please God was by do good to others. This autobiography was not finished by Benjamin Franklin and was written in parts rather than chapters. My ...

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