The Immigration Controversy

             Immigration is a very controversial topic in today's society. Everybody has their own opinions, whether they are positive or negative. Well, the truth is there is no one right opinion. Immigration has both its ups and downs. On one hand, immigration stimulates the economy and on the other hand, it brings down the economy. The author of the essay "immigration Emily Sintek discusses both sides of the issue and gives some crucial facts and experiences.
             The advantages that come along with immigration are numerous. The foreigners that come to our country bring new skills and diversity. Some people on the other side of this topic believe that immigrants are just coming over and stealing our jobs. This fact hasn't been proven. Actually, most people have researched and found out that with an increase in immigration we are forced to create more jobs and opportunities for the natives. Supporters of immigration identify a trend towards blaming or social and economic ills on immigration during times of economic difficulty and social uncertainty (Sintek). They claim immigrants provide moral, social, and economic benefits, that the number of people entering the country should be increased, in cases of oppression particularly, and that many of the contentions of the other side are merely misconceptions (Sintek). The number of immigrants that we allow into our country is a factor that can make immigration a success or a failure. Today, the number of immigrants that we allow in is a lot smaller than most people think.
             On the other side of the issue, people think that it is time for an urgent need for immigration reform. They believe that ever since the surge of immigrants after 1965 the country has been at a loss. There is an idea that immigration over the years hasn't produced a profit for our economy, that instead immigration is inflicting significant costs on the natives of America. They believe that immigrants are soaking up all of the reso...

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