Child Births

             In-Vitro Fertilization
             More than 20,000 women have selected this new way of bringing life into the world. Year after year, couples have been disappointed about the prospect of having a
             Child the conventional way. This leaves them in such distress that they look toward
             Alternative methods. Trends have changed the traditional and sometime
             Unsuccessful methods. To a more alternative an effective method of producing strong,
             Healthy babies. Society has viewed this new reproduction as a great alternative to unsuccessful pregnancies.
             The process is called In Vitro Ferilization (IVF) is a procedure in which eggs are from the woman's ovaries. They fertilized the egg by injecting sperm into them
             And the fertilized egg is returned to the woman's uterus (Gale, 1999). In Vitro Fertilization is a procedure that enables couples to produce a child when the traditional ways of
             Reproduction is not possible. In vitro fertilization is a new process that couples are
             Looking into when problems occur with traditional methods of pregnancy. There are many steps to making sure that the couples are prepared for these long and stressful procedures. The doctor has gone over the procedure and the couples know what to expect. The initial process will require the woman to start a medication. This medication will help produce a good number of eggs healthy & mature. After the female has produces the right number of eggs that the doctor would like to have, he will extract the eggs from the woman ovaries by means of extracting them by a needle. The male would bring the sperm to the laboratory to have the two, the eggs and the sperm fertilized, in a test tube or petri dish. After 6 or 7 days the doctor would know which eggs would be the most able likely to survive. After the long days of all that is going on the couple will go back to the doctor and get the fertilized embr...

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