Upon entering the football lounge are in the Armstrong Stadium, the first thing I noticed was the "Do the Right Thing" Banner flying high. I then knew that the football staff here at Hampton University is not just about shaping good athletes, but successful citizens.
             As the strength and conditioning, special teams, and offensive line coach, Terry Beauford has an immense amount of responsibility. Coach Beauford, on average, works approximately 13-hours/ day, Monday through Thursday. Depending on whether their weekend games are home or away, he may travel for two to three days, and then go home and watch game films. However, Coach Beauford does not believe in releasing unwarranted distress on his players.
             Coach Beauford went on to explain how he conducts practice. He does not believe in yelling unless they do not live up to their potential. He explained, "If the players do not execute; then I yell." I have observed his interaction with the players on and off the playing field, and I can honestly say that it is his relationship with the players outside of football practice that has gained him the most respect. (That and once playing in the NFL for three years) He is always there to listen, and help where he can. However he always maintains the coach-player relationship.
             Coach Beauford, in alignment with the beliefs of Head Coach Joseph Taylor, philosophy is to "Treat a man as he is, and he will be. Treat a man as he could be, and he will become". That's why many goals are implemented. As the offensive line coach, Beauford motivates his team to have 100 yd rushing per game, a grade out (successful completion of the plays), and no sacs the entire season. Of those three main athletic goals, two of them are highly victorious.
             As an entity of the "Invest for Success" program established by Coach Taylor, the team goal is to become the best team in the nation, not just in the Mid-Eastern A...

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