Corruption In Religion

             In its essence religion is a set of beliefs, traditions, and practices that define the way in which people worship GOD. Its purpose is to create an individual connection with oneself and with GOD. Religion, when kept pure, has done remarkable things for mankind. But when it becomes corrupt, it is responsible for incredible suffering.
             The brilliant Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung once said, "If you have one man with a spiritual idea, WOW. If you have two men with the same spiritual idea, you have a committee. If you have a committee, you have politics." That is the path leading to corruption which almost all religions have stumbled down. In most cases, a religion arises from a good set of beliefs and teachings. People with similar beliefs and views become attracted and begin studying the teachings and practicing the religion. As the number of people grows, there is a need for organization. As soon as there is organization, money and power become involved. At this point, unscrupulous and power hungry individuals take control of the organization through manipulation and greed. They regulate the teachings to fit their perspective and greed, and consequently, the religion becomes corrupted.
             Two of the worlds major religions, Christianity and Judaism, have been subject to endless corruption. Their corruption has not just been occurring over the past few hundred years, but stemmed in biblical times. This is proven over and over in the many scriptures of the Bible.
             Judaism is a widespread religion that is practiced in almost all countries of the world. Although the majority of Jews are blind to the facts, Judaism is corrupt now, and has been corrupt since biblical times. In the Bible, it is written that GOD gave Moses the laws, teachings, and practices of a pure religion. The religion as we know it today, was Judaism. In chapter 3, verse 11 of Exodus, Moses is called upon by GOD to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt....

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