Difference of the 13 American Colonies

             To say that the 13 colonies were similar by the time of the Revolution is not completely true. Although the colonies may have been more united by the Revolution, they did not necessarily share all the same characteristics.
             Agriculturally the colonies were vastly different. The South was consisted in many large plantations. The primary crop of these plantations was tobacco and cotton. These crops required much manual labor to plant and harvest. This made much of the economy of the South dependent on cheap slave labor. This contrasted with the New England colonies, whose agriculture consisted mostly of small family farms that grew the essentials that the families needed to survive that was dependent on commerce. The Middle colonies were the “breadbasket” of the New World. They grew much of the grain and cereals that were needed throughout the colonies. The various climates also contributed in the difference of agriculture.
             Even though the South grew the cotton, most of the manufacturing was in the North. The North had the mills and the skilled labor. Most of the colonies had developed seaports as much commerce traveled by sea. New England’s abundant ship stalks made it an area that lived substantially off the sea. New England not only became an area not only known for fish but also its ports had powerful shipping industries. The middle colonies were anchored by Philadelphia, which was the most developed of all the colonies in the New World.
             The great variations in religion also contributed to the difference in the colonies. Since no one religion was dominate in the colonies it forced all the different sects to cooperate and helped lead to at least an outward tolerance of other faiths. The Quakers of the middle colonies were much like the Puritans of the North. The Southern colonies were primarily Anglicans which religious wise gave them the closet ties to England. While religion was important in all the colonies, England...

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