Who is Marla Singer?

             Who is Marla Singer? What is her significance in Fight Club?
             Marla Singer's character is crucial in the development and destruction of the narrator's illusion of who he calls Tyler. In Chuck Palahnuik's novel Fight Club, Tyler, the alter ego, was not simply inserted to make the novel exciting. Tyler was invented because without a Tyler, there would be no Marla. The narrator's insecurity gave him no choice, but only leaving Tyler to satisfy Marla. In reality, it is him, the narrator, that satisfies Marla but could only do this through the encouragement of Marla.
             Marla Singer pulls the narrator more and more away from Fight Club and Project Mayhem. Marla's existence could foreshadow the termination of Fight Club and Project Mahem. A reason for that statement is Marla and Fight Club are never connected. Marla does not know that Fight Club existed. If by some chance she had known, most likely, she would have tried to stop this practice of men taking their anger out on each other for fun. The two, Marla and Fight Club, were distinguished aspects of the story. Marla and Fight Club could have been seen as two options the narrator had to choose from. After completed Fight Club, Tyler's choice was Marla.
             Throughout fight club, the narrator is on a quest to find out and fulfill the question 'What society believes a man should do? How should he act?' In a way, Marla is the friction in Tyler's quest. Tyler thinks he has to look and act a certain way to be accepted into society as a real man. The character, Marla Singer, showed us that the narrator does not need to be what he saw as Tyler. He could just be himself to enjoy life, especially with her. Marla conversated with the narrator the same was as she did with the character Tyler. We can conclude from this that Marla did not see any difference between the narrator and his spilt personality Tyler Durden. When Marla spoke to narrator the same way as she was supposed to hav...

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