Sportsmanship is when you’re supportive to your team. When you say bad things about any team that’s not good sportsmanship. In our class we usually cheer for our team by yelling and clapping or giving them high fives. We don’t say bad things if they don’t do well like if they don’t kick the ball in kickball we don’t yell “You aren‘t good, I wish you weren’t on our team!!!”. We say “Good try” or “You’ll get it next time”. That puts people down and you hurt their feelings! Sportsmanship also means that if you lose, don’t get really mad and start saying bad things about the other team you just tell them that they did a good job and be cool with it. In gym class our teammates just cheer us on no matter how good or bad we do. They either clap or yell “ Good job” or “ Good try we’ll get it next time”. When you boo someone or say something bad that’s not sportsmanship it’s showing that you aren’t a very nice person to other people. When you say good things like “Awesome Job” or “You Rock” to someone that gives a good image of you to other people. In volleyball we cheer for our teammates even if they don’t do something right, like if they miss the ball or hit it out of bounce. Sportsmanship isn’t booing people or saying bad stuff about them it’s being the nicest person you can be without being mean! At a volleyball game or football game etc. you can get kicked out if you show bad sportsmanship. In phy-ed class nobody ever says anything bad because they will probably get in trouble. That's what I think sportsmanship means. That’s also what we do and don’t do in our phy-ed class to show sportsmanship.

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