Brotherhood is generally defined as a state of being between males who share the inherited make-up of one or both parents. There have been many instances where males who shared a parent did not have a true brother-after all, Cain killed Able. Genuine brotherhood goes far beyond genetics. True brothers encompass unconditional loyalty, trust, and love.
             In a brotherly relationship, loyalty is essential. Brothers are faithful to one another, they are steadfast. No thing, no person, and no word can break the bond between them because of their steadfast commitment to preserve their relationship against all odds. Loyalty in ones brother outlasts and outweighs minor disagreements and misunderstandings. Most importantly, loyalty in a brotherhood breeds trust, which is essential in every serious relationship.
             Trust is so hard to gain, yet so easy to lose. It requires time and effort, two steps that many people neglect to take in building relationships. However brotherhood is different, brotherhood hinges on trust. Brothers trust one another with their innermost secrets, they trust in each others judgment on a range of issues, and they trust each other to "have one another's back" through thick and thin. Moreover, trust is fundamental in creating the unconditional love on which a brotherhood depends.
             At first I wouldn't relate "unconditional love to brotherhood". But as I thought, I realized that unconditional love goes beyond romantic or parental love. Unconditional love means loving someone enough to tell them when they are wrong, loving someone enough to want that person to excel in all of his endeavors, and loving someone enough to sacrifice your own comfort for theirs. You've asked me what brotherhood means to me, so let me tell you. Being a Brother means showing your fellow Brother unconditional love, because it entails respect, reciprocity, loyalty and trust-all of the essential ing...

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