The Start of The Rivalry Between The Montagues And Capulets

             At the beginning of Romeo and Juliet the Chorus says that two families in Verona (Montagues & Capulets) are constantly fighting. The start of their feud is left to the imagination. I am going to give a possible explanation on why the two families resulted in conflict.
             Two years before the earliest clash between the two families there was peace in Verona. Each person lived happily and there was no sign of discrimination. Lord Capulet and Lord Montague were both obsessed with owning large amounts of land. Both, having large sums of money, would purchase pieces of property that were close to them to expand their territory. It started out as a friendly game to see which would own the most amount of land at a certain amount of time. One would buy a large piece and the other would buy an even larger piece of land. This went on and on for a long while until arguments sprang up about who owned what and who's standing on whose property. In those days there weren't deeds or contacts stating who owned what. The idea of building fences around territory didn't occur to anyone. Instead flags were put up to indicate ownership. Kids who passed by would misplace the flags once in a while. Both Lords would notice that their flag was misplaced and would accuse each other for moving them. Arguments evolved into sword fights, which were ended by the Lady Capulet and Montague. Both Lady's met and discussed how they could end the fighting between their husbands in a peaceful way. They came up with the idea of making another game they could play that they thought would end the fighting and make their home look a little better. Both Lords were to build a statue of themselves and the Ladies were to decide which was better. Eventhough both Ladies determined it to be a tie, the Lords weren't disappointed, or angry at their decision.
             A few days passed and peace seemed to be restored between the two families. It was as if tension bet...

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