Gary Paulsen wrote the novel of Dogsong. The setting of the novel took place in a cold, windy location during a time when the old ways of Eskimos were being forgotten, because of new machinery and technology being introduced into their lives. The area was almost barren except for the few small villages that were scattered along the coastline of seas and rivers. Most of the long, wide rivers and edges of the vast seas had frozen over in the harsh cold. The temperature could drop to forty degrees below zero or more on some days. During the cool nights, the winds brought extreme cold, from the seas, to the villages. Severe and violent snowstorms occurred often, and could last from hours to many days. The storms looked like white walls of ice moving over the frozen seas. The terrain was normally smooth, covered with snow and ice, but there were small sections of trees in some areas. To some people, the setting in this novel seems beautiful, but to others it can seem unbearable.
             Many conflicts occur in a good novel. In the novel of Dogsong, one conflict occurred between Russel Susskit and his hate for the new machines and new ways his people and he are living by. This is an internal conflict, because it deals with Russel and his feelings. In the story, Russel said to his father, "Father, something is bothering me." This conflict is important, because it led Russel to travel on a long journey. It was resolved by letting Russel live the way his people had in the past on his journey. Another conflict occurred between Russel and a shaman named Oogruk. Oogruk decides to sit in the cold to die, but Russel disagrees with his decision. This is an external conflict, because it involves two people. Speaking to Russel, Oogruk said, "You will leave me here on the ice, out here by the edge of the sea." This conflict is important, because it leads to the death of Oogruk. It was resolved by letting Oogruk die peacefully by the sea...

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