Idea of good friends

             Few people can ever go through life without frienship, which, as a human relation, is second only to marriage in importance. Indeed some people condsider it one of the greatest pleasures that life can offer. However, not all friendship are beneficial. it is quite obvious that our success or failure in life depends in no small part on the kind of people we make friends with. Therefore we should be careful in choosing friends. What makes a good friend then? From my personal experience, I can mention three basic qualities which make the foundation of a good friendship: helpfulness, trust and loyalty.
             Good friendship is always manifested by the willingness to help. " A friend in need is a friend indeed," so runs an English proverb. A person who places his won material interests and values his own comfort above everything else, who is indifferent to other people's pains and difficulties can never make a good friend. To be good friends, we have to be ready to offer help when our friend needs it even at the expense of our time physical comfort and money. Mutual help is therefore a special feature among people who are friends, without which no friendship can ever exist or last.
             Another essential attribute of good friendship is trust. When two persons understand and trust each other, they can share their joys, their sorrows and the secretes that they keep from others and thus cement their friendship. That is why in life we can find some cases in which friends can become " thicker than blood"- closer to each other than their own brothers and sisters. Trust is impossible if either of two friends does not prove that he or she is a sincere, righteous person. People who lie and cheat can never gain longtime friendships.Nor can people who are lacking in moral courage because cowardness is not congenial to moral integrity. How sad and unfortunate it is not to have a confidant in life with whom one can share ideas and feelings

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