Eleven: An Analysis of Sandra Cisneros

             Sandra Cisneros' story "Eleven" is a powerful piece about the struggle of Rachel on her eleventh birthday. On a day that is delightful for most, Rachel fights through her age and maturity to be understood, but she fails. Told from an easy to read and insightful first person innocent eye, "Eleven" contains simplistic diction and detail, accompanied by an odd organization to reveal the neglected and sad feelings of the eleven-year-old Rachel.
             Throughout the story, Cisneros uses simple, broad language for Rachel's thoughts and feelings. Rachel wishes that she was "one hundred and two" in order to tell the teacher that "the ugly sweater with red plastic buttons and a collar and sleeves all stretched our" was not hers. Rachel's proclamation that she wished to be 102 years old is an odd age for a little girl to want to be. The reader interprets this as Rachel's signal that she wishes she could stand up for herself. She is being held back by the invisible parameter of age. However, in more childish form, Rachel tells her disgust of what sounds like a simple sweater; but to Rachel, it is ugly. She does not want to be associated with such a deplorable item, but the teacher forces it upon her against her will. Rachel has no control in her environment and she is clearly disappointed by that.
             Similarly, no one listens to Rachel when she claims it is not hers. After claiming "not mine," in a timid four-year-old voice, the teacher persists, as if she knows for sure, and Rachel sat "feeling sick inside, like the part of me that's three wants to come out." Rachel's character is clearly a misunderstood child if a direct response such as "not mine" does not force the teacher to consider other possibilities. Accompanying misunderstood, Rachel is not listened to, and as the reader knows, all children want to be heard. So instead of battl...

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