Dramatic techniques in A Raisin in the Sun & As You Like It

             In the plays, As You Like It, by William Shakespeare and,
             A Raisin In The Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, there are various dramatic techniques that are employed by the playwrights. Some of the techniques developed in both of the plays include contrast, satire, irony, sarcasm, parody, music and dance. Other techniques being employed, appearing in William Shakespeare's, As You Like It include puns, asides and soliloquies. As You Like It is a comedy, which mainly employs parody, irony, satire and contrast, whereas A Raisin In The Sun, is a tragi-comedy also mainly employing the dramatic techniques of contrast, parody and sarcasm. The techniques that both playwrights employ are fitting, however, given the period in which the plays were written. As You Like It, was written and performed in about 1599 whilst A Raisin In The Sun was written in 1959.
             A Raisin In The Sun can be seen as a satire to expressively bring out the ridiculous in some of the characters and their seemingly archaic ideals. In this play Lorraine Hansberry eloquently displays the meaninglessness behind the animosity between the whites and blacks and the strained relations of the men and women in the play. She uses parody and sarcasm to explore the themes of racism and gender relations in a way that would affect positive change. Hansberry indirectly explains the motive behind the path of the play, through the use of the newspapers and general reports by the characters on how racism has affected many in the play. The black families being bombed in white neighbourhoods are such an example. Walter and the way in which he treats the Younger women is such an example. Walter believes that women should have no great ambition in life as he distastefully says to Beneatha, "Who the hell told you had to be a doctor". Walter goes on to say, "Go be a nurse like other women – or just get married and be quiet". This statement is sarcastic and ...

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