Why I am Thankful

             There are many things in life that I am thankful for and I am going to talk about it before I jump to the conclusion of why I am thankful. I will only be explaining two things that I am thankful for. I am thankful for all the wonderful things in life and for all the things that I have. Being born here on Earth and having to live fifteen wonderful years ,I am so thankful for all of it. Half of the things in my life were not so good and I was not very grateful for it but other than that everything has been good. I’m sure that a lot of people has several different things that they are thankful for and they have different reasons why they are thankful.
             One and foremost, I am thankful for having my parents being there all the time even though at times I’d wish they’ll leave me alone but I know they are just there to care for me and there to love me. I am thankful that my parents are not divorced or separated because a lot of kids in the whole world does not live with both of their parents and I know that sometimes they wish that their family is complete. Many holidays and birthdays had came by and their family is incomplete. So I am thankful for mines being together. I must admit that plenty of times I wish that my parents are separated, that they don’t live together. I wished that I only lived with my mother because for some unexplainable reason I just don’t really like my father. I am not close to him and maybe because he was gone when I was very young. I love my mom more than my dad. I hated both my parents almost everyday because they never let me go places with my friends and they are always comparing me to some other kids out there. I call my mom a “nagger” sometimes because she gets on my nerves. She keeps on saying the same thing over and over like I don’t understand what she is saying. I mean I know they are telling me to do the right thing but shouldn’t I know that already, I am fifteen and I know what is rig...

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